The building is a complex man-made artifact and can only survive employing regular reinvestment and maintenance. Repair and restoration required to maintain over a period of time. 50+ buildings were fixed by us which were in danger. we work as a quick fix to the problem of repair & maintenance.

We are Expertise in repair and restoration profession we take care of building and restoration. We have experience of 33 years as a team who work under the supervision of experts and engineers team and have delivered successful projects in past years with 200+ building restoration.

Our Specialization

Structural Repairs

- Polymer Treatment
- Micro Concreting
- Epoxy Treatment
- Fibre Wrapping
- Jacketing
- Guniting/Shotcreting

Painting Work

- External Painting Such As - Acrylic, Ultima, Ultima Protek, Texture,Etc.
- Internal Painting Such As - OBD, Plastic, Velvet, Royale, Etc.

Fabrication Works

- MS Structural Works
- Rolling Shutters
- Compound Febrication Works
- R.S.J Ladi Coba
- Window Grill Works

Compound Paving Work

- Paver Block Laying
- Stones Fixing
- Chequered Tiles Laying
- Compound Concreting

Civil Work

- Brick / Block Work
- Concreting Work
- Plastering Work
- Slab Recasting Work

Roofing Work

- AC Sheet Roofing
- Mangalore Tiles Roofing
- GI Sheet Roofing

Plumbing Works

- Concealed Plumbing Works
- Down Take And Loop Lines
- External Plumbing Works
- Underground S.W. Pipes/Chambers

Waterproofing Works

- Conventional Method - Brick Bat Coba With China Mosaic Chips
- Liquid Applied Solutions Such As Bitumen -Based, Acrylic-Based, PU-Based, Etc.

Our Work

Column, Before Repairs

Column, After Repairs

Fibre Wrapping of columns

Epoxy Treatment

External Plaster Work

External Brickwork

Light - Weight Blocks

Concealed Plumbing Work

Railing & Granite

Mangalore Roof Restoration Work

Box Waterproofing

Membrance Waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing Work

Terrace Waterproofing Work